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Carbon Express Nano-Pro RZ 12 stk


The Nano-Pro™ RZ is simply the best compound long distance field target arrow in the world.

Carbon Target shaft from Carbon Express.

Key features:

Exploiting Carbon Express' red zone technology, with variable spine down the shaft for improved management of the arrow flex during flight and tighter grouping.
Long term, carbon shaft durability.
High performance shaft for elite level archers.
Small diameter for reduced wind drift over long distances.
Full range of precision fit quality components,, including points up to 140 grains for selected spines.
Technical specifications:

Material: 46-ton Carbon
Diameter: 0.350" (350 spine)
Grains Per Inch: 6.5-9.6 (spine dependent)
Straightness Tolerance: ±0.0015
Weight Tolerance: ±1 grain
Available Spines: 600-350
Uncut length (approx):
Included components: None
Optimal for: Elite level compound Target and Field archery

Size Grains/Inch Diameter
650 6.5 0.191"
600 6.9 0.193"
550 7.2 0.197"
500 7.6 0.200"
450 8.1 0.206"
400 8.7 0.210"
350 9.6 0.215"


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