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SURE-LOC One 550


-Easy 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment at the front of the sight.
-Elevation & Windage Adjustment (.002” Per Click)
-Full Capture Mounting Block
-Quick Disconnect
-Numbered detents on top and bottom to ensure proper positioning
-Micro Drive Pointer Adjustment
-Quick Adjust Push Button
-Armored 3rd now has scope rotation and added windage
-Armored 3rd Axis
-Adjustable Elevation/Windage Tension Adjustment
-Center Pivot Cant Adjustment
-Precise Laser Engraved Scale
-Ultra light dovetail extension with NEW offsetting iso-grid
-Titanium guide rod
-Light Weight
-Weather Proof
-Vibration Proof

Available in 400 (4") and 550 (5.5") frames as well as 6" or 9" extensions.

With weather proof and vibration proof components paired with light weight design, the SURE-LOC ONE is SURE-LOC’s new number ONE archery sight. Micro drive pointer adjustment, ultra-light dovetail extension, and full capture mounting block all set this sight above the rest. In addition to these great features, the SURE-LOC ONE also has armored 3rd axis, adjustable windage/elevation tension adjustments, center pivot cant adjustment, and a precise laser engraved scale.


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