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Axcel AV25 Plus Scope


the new ACCUVIEW and ACCUVIEW PLUS series of scopes are brighter and more versatile than ever!
available in three sizes, the AV25, AV31, and AV41 housing sizes offer a choice for every shooter on the line or in the field.
The AV25 provides a 1” diopter, sought after by top target archers in the
The AV25 features the new FIREPIN specifically designed with brightness in mind. The AV31 provides a 1 3/8” housing that is optimal in both 3-d and target archery.
The popular hunting choice is the AV41, it provides a 1 3/4” housing and
the widest field of view among all models.
All accuview models come standard with the housing color of choice, “t” connector, stainless-steel 10-32 threaded rod and the highly sought after
in-line large sight bubble.
The accuview plus models include all of these standard pieces, with
the addition of the new rheostat fiber cover, crosshair insert, and torque ring indicator.
All three models can be assembled with the archers choice of multiple pin colors and size options, as well as other customizable viewing options like a new sunshield or hooded lens retainer to aiming options such as decal reticles and crossrings (AV25), sold separately.


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