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AAE Pro Blade


The Pro Blade target arrow rest has been designed with the help of some of the top tournaments compound shooters in the world. This rest has been built to meet their exacting standards for accuracy, durability, and ease of adjustment. Each Pro Blade has been CNC machined to very high tollerances. We believe our Pro Series frame is the finest platform for a target rest ever produced. Launchers blades included with the Pro Blade ar the most common sizes and thicknesses used; original length Standard width in .010" thickness installed and original length Wide width in .12" thickness. Pro Blade components are Stainless Steel.

Available in:
-Standard Mount:
--Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red or Silver
-Hoyt Tec or Mathews Mount:
-RH or LH


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Dette produktet ble innført i vår butikk onsdag 18. januar 2017.

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