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Sometimes the best things come from the most unexpected places.

in early 2014 we set ourselves a challenge. That challenge was to prove that it was possible for a small, British company to produce a world class tournament compound bow superior to the current offerings from the large volume bow producers.

For almost 2 years we quietly designed, refined and refined again that bow. Every component was carefully considered and improved.

Special attention was paid to finding the right geometry and feel. The way the bow aims and balances. The sound and feedback from the shot.

Tuneability and shootabilty was a critical requirement. Too many times these critical aspects are neglected. Too many compromises and gimmicks made just to sell bows. We wanted to put the archer back at the heart of the design.

The result is the ORIGIN.

A bow designed to work for you, not against you. Nothing unnecessary. No gimmicks. Just the best feeling, easiest tuning, super accurate bow you've ever shot.

In years to come, when people look back to where it all began, they will look back and see it all began with the ORIGIN


Made in the UK
Riser, pockets and cams all machined from solid billets of 6082 aluminium
Polished annodised finish in 8 beautiful colours
Precision grip
Stainless steel sealed ball bearings
Oversized 6mm axles for increased rigidity
Balanced, centreline cam design
Totally customizable draw stop and back end feel
Totally straight and level nocking point travel through every draw length setting
Wide stance, load balanced limbs with high pre-load
Adjustable cable guard with powerful clamping mechanism
Teflon cable slider as standard
SVL limb dampers as standard
Stainless steel stabiliser inserts and bushings

Axle to Axle: 35"
Brace Height: 7.75" (Cam 1)
Brace Height: 7.25" (Cam 2)
Mass Weight: 4.5lbs
ATA Speed: 318fps
Cam 1: 27" - 31" (rotating module with 7 settings)
Cam 2: 24" - 27" (rotating module with 6 settings)
Let off: 65% - 80%
Max draw weights - Standard: 40#, 50#, 60#
Max draw weights - Custom: 35#, 45#. 55#, 65#
*Specifications are approximate depending on configuration

* Draw weights listed are the maximum when fully wound up. Limbs can be backed out a maximum of 7 full turns, The amount of poundage change varies depending on the original peak weight. Typically this equates to approximately 17%.


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