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PSE Perform-X 3D 2018


Outperform your 3D competition with the 2018 PSE Perform-X™ 3D! Engineered on a shorter brace-height version of our new Perform-X™ shoot-through riser, this bow is unbelievably stiff, strong, and fast, delivering an unrivaled target shooting experience at 338 fps. Thanks to PSE’s new SE cam and L.A.S. Wedge Lock Pockets, the Perform-X™ 3D also offers true center-pull technology, greater speeds, better hold, and advanced tuning capabilities.

Key features:

Wide track limbs for a stable shot.
Improved limb alignment adjustment system.
Smooth draw cycle.
Highly adjustable draw length without a cam change.
Updated cable guard system.
Versatile axle to axle length.
Available in selection of attractive, durable anodized colour options.
Technical Specifications:

Material: 7075 Aluminium
Axle to Axle: 36"
Bracing Height: 6.5"
Mass Weight: 5lbs
Let off: 75%-65%
Draw length options: 25"-30.5"
Speed rating: ATA: 338 IBO: 330
Cam: SE Evolve Cam.
Limb: Wide Track Target
Finish: Anodized


  • Produsent: PSE

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