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Mathews Chill-X


"The Chill® X offers ultimate versatility for the archer who uses their bow for both hunting and 3D target archery. Measuring in at 35” axle to axle and featuring an all new AVS® DYAD™ Cam System with enlarged perimeter weighting, the Chill® X offers a solid shooting platform and a post shot feel that is superior to all other bows. The Chill® X will come standard with All New ROCK MODS™ for enhancing performance and versatility. The Chill® X comes standard with 85% ROCK MODS™ and a 75% let-off option is available for custom shooter performance."

Key features:

Weighted cam system for a solid shooting platform and superior post shot feeling.
Iconic Geo Grid-Lock riser design for lightweight rigidity.
Integral grip meeting the high demands of competitive archers.
Friction reducing roller guard for a smooth draw.
Rock mods offer customisable let off and strong back wall.
Technical specifications:

Material: Aluminium
Axle to Axle: 35"
Bracing Height: 7"
Mass Weight: 4.23lbs
Let off: 85% (seperate module for 75% also available)
Draw length options: 25.5"-30.5"
Speed rating: 336fps (IBO)
Cam: AVS® DYAD™ Cam


  • Produsent: Mathews

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Dette produktet ble innført i vår butikk søndag 07. februar 2016.

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