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Mathews TRX38 2018


uilt off of the proven design of the longer TRX models, the 38 inch axle-to-axle TRX38 fills the void perfectly for shooters looking for a shorter, lighter, more comfortable bow for their draw length. Draw lengths range 23 inches to 30 inches and draw weight goes from 50 pounds up to 70 pounds on the new TRX 38. The new 70 percent mod gives shooters a deeper valley while the standard 80 percent mods remain an option. A true-center nocking point ensures straight and level nock travel, further enhancing shot-to-shot consistency and a 7.5-inch brace height provides unmatched forgiveness.

Key features:

Sleeker and updated version of the HTR riser.
Featuring the mini crosscentric cam for the smooth draw of a no cam with increased speed.
True centre nocking point for level nock travel and consistant shots.
Mathews dampening for greatly reduced post-shot vibration.
Five great colour options.

Technical specifications:

Material: Aluminium
Axle to Axle: 38"
Bracing Height: 7.5"
Mass Weight:
Let off: 70%
Draw length options: 23"- 30"
Speed rating: 328 (IBO)
Cam: Mini Crosscentric
Finish: Black, Blue, Red, White


  • Produsent: Mathews

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