Mathews V3X 33

The 2022 V3X is the most streamlined hunting system Mathews ever created. Equipped with their new Bridge-Lock™ Sight technology to enhance balance

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Equipped with new Bridge-Lock™ Sight Technology to enhance balance, patent-pending Stay Afield System (S.A.S™) to keep hunters in the field, and built compatible with a completely redesigned line of LowPro™ Quivers, the V3X system elevates the performance of Mathews’ most popular hunting bow to date.

The LowPro™ Fixed and LowPro Detachable Quivers are engineered around the geometry of the V3X. Our tightest fitting to-date, these quivers are designed to bring a whole new level of in-line balance and precision to your hunting setup.

The Stay Afield System (S.A.S.™) is the ultimate emergency bow kit to keep you in the hunt. Our specially modified cams allow the use of bow-specific cables to safely remove and service your strings and cables in the field without the use of a bow press.

Mass Weight 2118 gram
Draw Length 27.0 - 31.5 inch
Axle to Axle 33 inch
Factory Speed 336 fps
Poundage 50 - 70 lbs
Brace Height 6.5 inch
Material Aluminum
Cam Type Crosscentric with Switchweight Technology

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