PSE Xpedite NXT

PSE has merged Xpedite speed with our acclaimed EVO NXT architecture to create the ultimate balance of power and comfort, the Xpedite NXT. With shooting speeds of up to 360 fps,

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  • Long, reflex riser design with lower bracing height for great arrow speeds,
  • Features HL module for low holding weight.
  • Highly adjustable cam design, with bowpress-free adjustment of draw length and let-off.
  • Upgraded Flex Rod cable guard for reduced torque and reduced friction.
  • Smooth drawing cam with a great hold on the target.
  • Compact 33" axle to axle length.
  • Riser designed for stiffness.
Mass Weight 2150 gram
Draw Length 24.5 - 30.0 inch
Axle to Axle 33 inch
Factory Speed 360 fps
Poundage 50 - 80 lbs
Brace Height 5 1/2 inch
Let-off % 80 - 90 %
Material Aluminium
Cam Type EC

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