MK Korea Formula Mach X High Modulus Carb/Fm lemmer

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MK Korea
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MK Korea understood the need for limbs that would fit Hoyt Formula risers and quickly moved to fill that void. MK Korea took their limb technology and allowed it to be shared with Hoyt Formula risers. One of the strong points of this limb is that they were designed to give the feeling of power and stability when you shoot. MK Korea has created a new level of shake resistance to elevate the accuracy of these limbs.

MK Korea has engineered an optimal limb width and angle to decrease vibration according to the specific materials used on the Mach X.They has developed and researched a foam material technology with a specific limb angle for faster and smoother flying arrows. The Mach X limbs are precisely attached to the riser so that the energy is transferred and dispered within the riser resulting in less vibration, cleaner shots and less fatique.

Attention: We would like to inform you that the poundage of these limbs are based on a MK Korea Alpha Riser. If you have a Hoyt riser the poundage will be 2 lbs more. So for example 70"- 36# limbs will be 70"- 36# in a MK Korea Alpha riser, but in a Hoyt riser it will be 70"- 38#.

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