Ragim Handle Wildcat Plus

The Wildcat Plus is set apart by beautiful colors due to the layers of exotic wood that make this bow bright.

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It satisfies the most demanding archers that look for an appealing bow at an excellent price. Thanks to the new grip that facilitates the correct position of the hand, it can be used by archers of all levels, avoiding possible mistakes. This complete bow has been designed for both shooting with an arrow rest and with a shelf rest for a more traditional shooting style. The Wildcat Plus riser is equipped with all the inserts necessary to install a sight, stabilizer and Berger button. The patented innovative Ragim Bow Tuning System allows the archer to easily adjust the limbs’ alignment. The bow supports both white and black limbs.

  • Quality beginner riser with plenty of features.
  • Adjustable limb alignment system.
  • Improved grip design makes it easy to learn the correct hand position.
  • Mounting holes for stabilizers, sight and button.
  • Layered exotic wood design for an attractive and traditional look.
  • Designed for shooting with an arrow rest, or in the traditional off the shelf way to suit archer preferences.

18" gir 54" og 58" bue
20" gir 62" og 64" bue (ved å benytte 66" eller 68" lemmer) NB! Poundstyrken blir 2# mer enn det som er angitt ved 66" eller 68"
24" gir 66", 68" og 70" bue

Technical Specifications:

Length 18.00, 20.00, 24.00 inch
Handedness LH, RH
Limb Fitting Screw
Material Wood

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