Spin-Wing Formaster Elbow Strap

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Form Trainer/ excercise tool from Spin-Wing Formaster.

Key features:

  • Improves archery form by improving follow through and alignment 
  • Range of sizes available to fit archers of all statures.
  • Durable and secure.
  • Suitable for archers at all levels.
  • Manual and instructions included.
  • Resistance cord sold seperately. This is not included with the elbow strap! Do not forget to order if required.

*Can be used with or without an arrow. The maximum recommended poundage without shooting an arrow is 50lbs. The maximum recommended poundage with an arrow is 70lbs. Do not use with a bow with resistance cord.

To identify the correct size measure at the largest part of the elbow. Strap should fit snugly around the draw arm when arm is bent in the full draw position. If strap is too large, it will slide down the arm, causing the rubber cord to be too week to obtain optimal results. 

  X-Small (yellow) Small (red) Medium (blue) Large (black) X-Large (red- black) XX-Large (blue-black)
Centimetres: 20.5cm-22.75cm 15.25cm-25.25cm 25.25cm-27.75 27.75cm-30.5cm 30.5cm-33cm 33cm-35.5cm
Inches: 8"-9" 6"-10" 10"-11" 11"-12" 12"-13" 13"-14"

Manufacturer Recommended Cord Sizes (available to order seperately - see below)
All poundage mesurements are at a 28" draw.

  • Recurve Women 21-31lbs
  • Compound Women 21lbs
  • Recurve Men 28-31lbs
  • Compound Men 28lbs
  • Youth archers: 13-17lbs

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