Mybo Certo X2 Frontstabilisator

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The Certo X2 is built for tournament archers, competing in real world shooting conditions.

Based on the popular Certo, we have refined an already proven winner. Now with lighter mass and streamlined components.


  • 19mm, high rigidity carbon shaft
  • Solid aluminium mounting bushings
  • Silicone damper unit (included)
  • Slimline Solid Steel weights (included)
  • Internal Foam Damper
  • Black Satin Finish


Q – Are they designed for recurve or compound bows?

A - They can be used on ALL compounds and SOME recurve bows. BUT. The Certo X2 is a stiff stabiliser, designed to accommodate heavier weight load outs. This extra stiffness can negatively affect the feel of the bow in some circumstances. For example, if you were to be a recurve archer of lighter draw weight (approx 34# or less) OR if you are only going to shoot with 1 or 2 oz of end weight on the long rod, then a more flexible stabiliser may feel better after the shot.

Q – How much weight can I put on the Damper?

A - For the dampener to work effectively, a minimum of 2 oz is required, up to around 6 oz. Experiment to find the best feel.

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