Shibuya Ultima MZS Long

MZS is composed of aircraft-grade, high elasticity 60t carbon fiber to achieve exceptional rigidity, and incorporates vibration damping material weaved into the carbon layers of the stabilizer pipe. This enables it to achieve exceptional damping propertie

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At the same time, its slim 14mm diameter minimizes the effects of outside influences such as wind drag. Experience outstanding performance from aiming to follow through, made possible by the state-of-the-art carbon technology incorporated in MZS.

Lengths 30" / 28”/ 26"
15" / 12" / 11" / 10"
Mass Weight 30":approx.139g / 28":approx.132g / 26":approx.126g
15":approx.88g / 12":approx.78g / 11":approx.75g / 10":approx.72g
Outer Diameter of Carbon Pipe 14mm diameter
Compatible thread sizesBow 5/16-24 minimum thread depth 12㎜
V-Bar 5/16-24 minimum thread depth 12㎜
Weights 5/16-24 or 1/4-20
MaterialBushing 2000 series Aluminum
Pipe Pitch-based 60t high modulus carbon fiber (front end blended with viscoelastic body )
Construction ZONE DAMPING construction utilizing viscoelastic body 【Patent pending】
Color Matte Black
Release Date 2020
Included Accessories Conversion stud 5/16-1/4
ULTIMA Stabilizer Bag
Instructions Sheet

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