Shrewd Onyx Frontstabilisator

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Target Stabilizer from Shrewd.

Key features:

  • A stiff and versatile stabilizer, which allows a variety and wide range of weight combinations for a better holding bow.
  • Premier modulus smooth sealed carbon construction.
  • Truss dampening technology the length of the rod perfectly balances every shot.
  • Internal end cap allows for a high amount of stabilizer weight.
  • Standard with 3x 1 oz. steel end weights and 3x 1/3 oz aluminium matte end weights (total of 6 end weights) -1 1/3 ounce weight inludes a Shrewd domed decal.
  • Customisation options provided by Shrewd´s compatible colourful weight options. Available separately, see related items.

Technical specifications:

Outside Diameter:  
Material:  Premium modulus Carbon. 
Short Rod Lengths: 6", 8", 10", 12" or 14" (see related items below)
Long Rod Lengths: 26", 28", 30", 32" 34" or 36"
Extender Lengths:  
Included accessories:   3x 1oz and 3x 1/3 oz weights
Weight Thread Size:  5/16" x 24

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