White Feather Thumb Ring

Tommelring for å bruke på rytterbuer

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WHITE FEATHER Thumb Ring - Thumb Ring

The thumb technique for pulling and loosening the string is very often used with Korean horse bows. Thanks to their small size (approx. 50 inches) and comparatively long draw length (up to 31 inches), these bows have a very acute string angle, which makes normal extension almost impossible. In the thumb technique, the string is therefore drawn out and held with the thumb. To make this as comfortable as possible for the shooter, horn thumb rings have always been used.

The WHITE FEATHER Thumb Ring is made for shooting with Korean bows. The raised thumb inside is ground smooth for easy release of the tendon and protects the thumb from contact with the tendon and thus also from injuries. A slight indentation on the actual ring also holds the string securely in position when it is pulled out.  

Suitable for a right and left-hand shooters.

Sizes (diameter thumb opening):
S (approx. 22mm)
M (approx. 23.5 mm)
L (approx. 25mm)
XL (approx. 26,5mm)

By using natural material (horn) the colour of the thumb ring can vary.

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