Stanislawski Shootoff! Heavy Metal

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Here´s the wildly popular Stan Shootoff with a copper handle. That means it´s heavy, which some archers prefer in order to improve their control over the release. They get a better feel for the heavy release in their hands. This thumb-activated release includes the new training lock, which means archers can practice with it on their bows without releasing the string.

• Heavy Metal, made of brass
• Black nickel plated
• Features Trainer Lock, a patent pending innovation from Stanislawski that allows for easy and safe training. Learn proper shot execution and build confidence in your technique before ever shooting an arrow!
• Grooved handle with an aggressive sweep
• Features the MPT2 knob, the first multi-positional thumb trigger, adjustable for projection, tilt and angle
• Z-Tol - Tolerance Eliminating Technology
• Features a wide range of trigger travel and tension adjustment without having to change a spring
• silkpath™ Micro Adjustable Sears - The crispest and most accurate double sear system on the market
• ErgoFit™ Technology - All STAN releases have a similar fit and feel
• Designed to be used with a d-loop

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