Infiray Thermal Vision Scope Holo HL25B for Compound Bows

Holo HL25 is a large-screen direct-vision thermal imaging scope

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You can use it to capture or aim at targets with your eyes. Holo HL25 makes upgrades and improvements on the basis of the first generation, it can be used in hunting, searching, aiming, high-end war game, family defense, and other scenarios.

HL25B is specially designed for archery.

Battery NOT included

Technical Specifications:

Mass Weight <550 gram
Detection Range 1,300.00 metre
Field of View 10.5º×7.9º degree
Sensor Details 12µm ≤40
Digital Magnification 1-4 x
Display Type 2.6" AMOLED pixels per inch
Operating Temperature -20~+50 degrees celsius
Dimensions 24.5×11.5×7.5 centimetre
Objective 25 millimetre
Memory 32 gigabyte
Sensor Resolution 384×288 pixels per inch
Colour Palettes Black-White-Red-Green
Output Functions Photo/Video
Stadiametric Rangefinder Y
Battery Life ≤5 hour

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