Last Chance Archery Arrow Saw Revolution

The Revolution Arrow Saw reduces harmful and messy carbon dust, helping to protect your health, while also keeping your shop clean.

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Last Chance Archery
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  • Arrow saw, water drip, and vacuum attachment
  • Blade and motor housing to help eliminate sound and carbon dust
  • Arrow spinners for checking shaft straightness
  • Deburring tool for the edges of the shaft
  • Cut shafts with or without nocks or vanes and at any shaft length
  • Squaring device for the ends of the arrow shaft
  • Wire brush and brush mop (assorted sizes) for cleaning the inside of the shaft
  • Broadhead tightening tool included
  • Quick and easy adjustment for cutting a shaft to any length
  • Multiple adjustments to always ensure your shaft is being cut straight and not at an angle
  • European plug
  • 230V / 60Hz
  • 0.8 AMP
  • 10,000 RPM
  • CE marking

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